Quotes from other artists whom have worked with Steve.

A recent quote from Tony Levin about Steve:

"As for Steve, you can safely say that I think he's immensely talented, not only as a player with a unique identifiable rock sound (not an easy thing) but as a composer and player of different styles of music. It's a pleasure to work with him, writing and playing, on the BLS projects.
My biggest hope is that we get to tour together one day, and have the added fun of playing this music live for people".             

A recent quote from Jennifer Batten about Steve:

"You can't judge Steve's talent from any one song because he's so diverse in what he can pull out of his hat. I received a cassette that Guitar World sponsored and was really knocked out by all the different styles he could cover. I also am a big fan of the Billy Idol work and production too. There was a lot of creativity in that. It was a gas when we were able to be on the same stage with Michael Jackson at Madison Square Garden"
--Jennifer Batten                


A recent quote from Derek Sherinian about Steve:

"I always liked Steve Stevens playing on the Billy Idol hits. He is very clever how he incorporates different styles in a pop context. He has a great range of guitars and guitar tones. Also Steve has great stage presence. After we played Rebel Yell at my audition for Billy Idol, he came up to me, shook my hand.
We had a great time on the "Kiss the Skull" tour in 2002, and I look forward to working with Steve in the future."                          http://www. dereksherinian.com