Steve Stevens Speaks on ''Devil's Playground''
Posted on Wednesday, March 23 @ 15:36:21 GMT by SkinnyDevil

Interviews With the release of the new Billy Idol record, "Devil's Playground", it was time to touch base with Guitar Gods interviewee Steve Stevens, who we spoke to first way back in July of 2002.

You can read the original interview (and check out the "Steve Stevens Guitar Style" series) HERE, read the review of "Devil's Playground" HERE, and the review of the debut single, "Scream", HERE, but for now, check out the brief interview below...and keep your eyes peeled for Billy Idol tour dates in your area!


David - The guitar on the debut Billy Idol single, "Scream", is so up-front and energetic! There seems little doubt that this track will push Billy & you back into center-stage. Tell us a little about your current project, "Devil's Playground".

Steve - Well to say it�s a project would be doing a terrible injustice to my work with Billy Idol. I started my career with him 23 years ago so we have blood sweat and tears invested in this new record. I don�t think the guitars have ever been pushed so far out in front on an Idol record. Having a great band and the addition of our drummer Brian Tichy who by the way is a bad ass guitar player himself, really pushed me to approach things in a new and fresh way. I feel I am certainly still growing as a musician and my love of an instrument that I picked up at age 7 has never been stronger.

David - Any other current projects you've got on the burner?

Steve - At this moment and for this year it is 110% Billy Idol!

David - What's your favorite piece of guitar gear?

Steve - Having reunited myself with playing Les Pauls over the last couple of years, the design and sound of that instrument still give me a hard on. I have 5 that I used for Devils Playground, one being a junior but all with different subtle but discernable differences. After all is said and done, it really does come down to a good guitar and your own hands! All the other bells and whistles are there as colors to paint with.

David - Who are your favorite guitar players these days?

Steve - It is a very sad state of affairs when I have to say that I still listen to most of the guitarists I loved when I was 16 years old. With classic records being remastered, I find myself buying the records of my youth. As examples I will list some things currently in the ol� ipod. Recently I read a biography of King Crimson ("In the Court of King Crimson In the Court of King" by Sid Smith), so that made me want to go back and listen to some of that Robert Fripp stuff. "Red" is still an amazing album, and was cited in the book as being an inspiration to Nirvana and producer Butch Vig. Other players I have been listening to are Robin Trower, early Bowie with Mick Ronson, still Hendrix, and just about anything by Jeff Beck. That said, I really like Tom Morello (loved the Audioslave record) and Slash is just great on the Velvet Rovolver record.

David - Thanx, Steve!

Steve - Thanx!

I'd like to thank both Steve Stevens for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to answer a few questions, and especially to Carole Page (someone needs to give you a raise, kiddo!) for handling all the details and tireless promotion!


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