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I would like to post something about Robert Palmer's death.
  I recorded with Robert in Italy for his Cant Explain record.
 He was the first rock star i ever met.
 While recording with my band the Fine Malibus, in Compass Point, Bahamas, Robert strolled into the studio and asked who the guitarist was. He then invited me to his home to jam on some James Brown influenced songs.
Robert was the first well known musician to stay in touch with me and help. After i played a particularly wild solo, he would tell me about gigs he did with Jimi Hendrix and the great english guitarists of the late 1960's.
Robert was inspiring, challenging, and a great laugh to work with. I will always remember shooting the video for our song "You're Amazing" in New York City. We went to dinner together after and as i arrived to sit down at the table there was Robert and about 4 of the long leggy models from the video.
Just the way he was pictured in the Addicted To Love video.
Life imitating art...ha ha.
 Only 1 month ago i saw Andy Taylor from Duran Duran and we spoke about Robert, and the days that we hung in N.Y.C. while they recorded the Power Station and Billy and i recorded Whiplash Smile.
 I will miss Robert so much. My heart goes out to his family.
 I really loved this super super talented guy. 

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