Memory Crash Memory Crash (2008)

Flamenco A Go-Go (1999)

  Atomic Playboys (1989)

  Akai Guitar Sample Collection (1994)


Steve appears on: 

  Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol. 1
Bozzio Levin Stevens : 'Black Light Syndrome' sessions -
 Roadside America Medley (2007)

V.A. Fuji Television Soccer Legends 2006   World Cup Broadcast (Japan) Fuji Television Soccer Legends (2006)

Billy Idol: Devil's Playground (2005)

Billy Idol: Scream (single from Devil's Playground) (2005)

 Queen V: Queen V (2005) ('Million To One' & 'Do You Believe')

Jizzy Pearl: Just a Boy (2004)


Matrix Reloaded: The Album (2003)

Juno Reactor: Hotaka (2002)

Billy Idol: Behind the Music (2002)

Billy Idol: Storytellers (2001)

Juno Reactor: Pistolero (2001)

A tribute to Queen 'Stone Cold Queen'. 'Stone Cold Crazy'  (2001)

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't written by Ogden Nash & composed by Ira Mitchell Sakolsky
The Christmas That Almost Wasn't  (2001)

Faudel: Samra (2001)
                Amazon.com: Music: Christmas That Almost Wasn't

 New Morty Show: Mortified (2001)

Simon Shaheen: Blue Flame (on the track Silk Tears) (2001)

Juno Reactor: Shango (2000)

Chris Squire & Billy Sherwood: Conspiracy (2000)

Original Soundtrack: Heavy Metal (2000)

Andy : And My Heart (2000)

Gregg Bissonette: Submarine (2000)

Bozzio Levin Stevens: Situation Dangerous (2000)

The Outpatience: Anxious Disease (1999)

Kyosuke Himuro: Beat haze Odyssey (1998)

  Nicky Gebhard & Gee Fresh: No Cry, Just Music (1998)

Vas: Offerings (1998)

More Guitars For Christmas Merry Axemas Vol. 2 (1998)

Sounds of Wood and Steel Vol. 1 (1998)

Gypsy Soul: New Flamenco (1998)

Adam Sandler: Wedding Singer (1998)

Bozzio Levin Stevens: Black Light syndrome (1997)

Angelica: Angelica (1997)

A tribute to Hank And the Shadows: 'Twang' -'The  Savage' (1996)

Steve Lukather: Lukather (1996)

A tribute to Stevie Ray: Crossfire (1996)

Original Soundtrack: Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1995)

Scooter: Our Happy Hardcore /
                                    Rough & Tough & Dangerous Singles
Soundtrack: Speed (1994)

Vince Neil: Exposed (1993)

Jerusalem Slim: Jerusalem Slim (1992)

Guitar's Practicing Musicians Volume 2: Funkcaution (1991)

McQueen Street: McQueen Street (1991)

Robert Palmer: Don't Explain (1990)

Adam Bomb : New York Times (Recorded 1989/90) (Released 2001)

1- Lying With Dogs
2- More Or Less
3- New York Child
4- Cheyenne
5- Doom Glorified
6- Walk The Other Way
7- Kick It Out
8- Saluda A Lola
9- Heaven Come To Me
10 - MacDougal St.
11- Anxiety
12- It's Only Rock & Roll ***

Steve co- wrote " New York Child" with Adam.
Steve plays Acoustic, Flamenco & Electric Guitars on songs 3,4,8,11

Billy Idol: 11 of the Best  (1988)

Harold Faltermeyer: Harold F. (1988)

Joni Mitchell: CHALK MARK IN A RAIN STORM (1988)

The System: Don't Disturb This Groove (1987)

Thompson Twins: Here's To Future Days (1987)

Michael Jackson: Bad (1987)

Billy Idol: Vital Idol (1987)

Billy Idol: Whiplash Smile (1986)

Price-Sultan: Light On (1986)

Ric Ocasek: This Side of Paradise (1986)

Soundtrack: Top Gun (1986)

                     This is a rare cassette that readers of the magazine
                        GUITAR WORLD could send off for.
You can hear this on the MUSIC link as an MP3, which Steve kindly supplied.

Simon F: Gun (1985)

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell (1983)

Peter Criss: Let Me Rock You (1982)

Billy Idol: Billy Idol (1982)

The guitar century volume 1

A tribute to Bessie Smith Volumes 1 & 2

Guitar Ballads Volumes 1 & 2

West Arkeens band RIP


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