4/15/2003 Hollywood California.
Hi guys,
Although i very rarely post here, i do take a peek occasionaly to see what you guys are up to. Let me see if i can answer some of the recent technical questions.
I no longer have a signature guitar line but you can always find a used Hamer Steve Stevens model listed in Vintage Guitar magazine.
There is however an inexpensive Gibson Les Paul model called the Voodoo. I used one the entire Australian tour and it is a lil' demon.
As for amps, i record with so many different ones, but live i play through Peavey 5150II's.
I also have a collection of 6 late 1960's Marshall Plexy amps. They are stock and have appeared on every record i have ever done.
I hope to see you guys soon and thanks always for the kind words,


All the best, Steve Stevens

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