Report of Juno Reactor/Steve in Tokyo from Kanako Tachizaki

This is Kanako, Japanese Steve fan.
Thank you again for your great efforts for these websites.
This year, I could not go any Billy show .... Then, I found Steve's
message about Juno Reactor show in Tokyo!!! Thank you Carole, I'm
really really thankful to you for the Website. I've checked
once in a week for these days, and read the message 1 week after from
the update. So I could arrange my schedule and went to the show. So I
want to write you about the show in TOKYO.

I went to the venue earlier. Fortunately, I could see Steve and Josie.
Steve looks really exhausted. I guessed he did very hard work for the
show rehearsals in limited time in Tokyo. While Midori talked Steve,
Josie talked me, and She said Steve was very very busy and they
couldn't go anywhere yet.
Steve was very kind though he was busy, talked with me, gave autograph,
stay with for photos, and Josie took photo for me!! I really happy to
met Steve and Josie, there are no words to describe.
Then I stood in front of Steve's position and waited for Juno Reactor.
(almost 1.5 hour for 1 Japanese band and DJ time before Juno R.)
Honestly, I'm not familiar with the Trance music and I only have Juno
R. "Hotaka" & "Pistolero".(I love these)
There were 2 guitars - Beautiful Black Les Paul & Blue Godin - on the
Finally, Juno Reactor Show was started, and Steve Stevens on the
Stage... He plays a lot!! The Sound was really splendid!!! Not so loud,
but his guitar sound was kept running and shining. Clear sound of Black
Les Paul was lylical and sometime whipped the whole sound to run
higher. Godin sound was spiritual. Juno Reactor world was super
brilliant with Steve's magic.
I heard young people behind me talked about him (they don't know who he
is, but already excited by Steve's guitar). There are many people know
and like Steve very much, and many young fans not familiar with Rock
music. I am sure Steve became the center of attention of these young
fans. Also very happy to listen Greg Ellis. I want to listen Greg's
drums again!!
This show was wonderful, and I was really lucky and happy to be there.
The night was perfect full moon night. Just right for the Show.
Thank you Steve and Josie for coming to Japan.
And Thank you all members of Juno Reactor for great show for us.

This is the autograph of Steve & Josie for me, and the pick Steve threw from stage.