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From Steve 2002 Message from Steve Xmas 2003 From Steve 2006 new album message Sept 2006 April 2007

April 6. Hollywood, California.

Greetings Earthlings,

I thought it about time for an update.
Honestly i have always felt that "music speaks louder then words"
and as Billy would always say "No deadlines, only headlines".
That said i will fill you in on where i am at with my solo record.
The record will be released on Magna Carta, the home to the 2 Bozzio Levin Stevens records. I have huge respect for Mike Varney and Pete Morticelli who run the label and felt very comfortable working with these guys.
I am 3 songs in now and can tell you that the record sounds very very different from what i have done previously. My intention was to make a record that was inspired by the late 1960's and early 70's guitar rock records that i worshipped as a kid. When you consider that the gods of guitar all came out of London in that short 5 year time frame...man something in the water, huh?
Can we say...Hendrix, Beck, Page, Gilmour, Fripp, and lets not forget one of my all time faves Steve Howe of Yes.
Well hell if my stuff doesn't sound spiritually connected to this era.
I have recently acquired some amazing guitars and amps from John Suhr and a shit load of amazing effect pedals. It seems the fed ex guy is here with new toys everyday (although i think he just enjoys having Josie answer the door, ha ha). The detail i am striving for in my guitar tones is ridiculous.
There has been some talk of some cool guests for the record, but once everything is written then i can start making those phone calls.
There is some serious inspiration at play and i am not going to question the why/how, ...just ride it. I already have a photographer in mind for the cover
but it's too soon to say for sure.
I have a July 1 delivery date so....better get my ass back to work.

All the best,


I am going to address 2 subjects here briefly, only due to some fan speculation.

1-I had no involvement with the airing of our "live in Chicago"
concert. To my knowledge it will be released in full and mixed properly in the future. At that time i will of course be involved in mixing my guitars properly.

2- I "DO NOT" have a personal myspace page and have no plannins to do so. Ever notice how when people who are in a supposedly committed relationship have a myspace...somehow trouble comes a knockin?Ha ha.
Josie &I are are more then happy to have
Beazle T. Monk representin' on Myspace.




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