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From Steve 2002 Message from Steve Xmas 2003 From Steve 2006 new album message Sept 2006 April 2007


**As you would expect i am excited as all hell about the new record.
I moved out to L.A. 10 years ago to work with Billy on what was to be our reunion album together. Through label fuck ups and life changes, Billy and i have managed to stay friends and musical partners through
all sorts of stuff.
 I think it is rare that you have a relationship in music that spans what
 is now 23 years. Pretty amazing!
Now with the addition of Brian Tichy ,Steve McGrath and Derek Sherinian, i think we have in our own way reinvented ourselves.
After playing guitar since the age of 8 (you do the math)
i at times found it hard to stay excited.
This is what drove me to make Flamenco A GoGo. ~
The desire to explore a style and texture that i was not burnt out on.
 I am extremely happy with the songs i wrote with Billy and i have to add that i couldn't be happier with the songs that Billy wrote with Brian.
They are fresh, unruly and gave me the opportunity to re visit some
of my New York punk rock roots.
To work with Keith Forsey and Brian Reeves again was just
the vibe we all needed. Brian Reeves recorded all my guitars
on the first Idol record....he was the guy that captured
my inexperienced ass on White Wedding!
It is a new chapter in our lives and i can't wait to share it with
all of the truly great dedicated fans that visit the site. **

Love & All the best,


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