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Steve to Tour with Billy Idol : Christmas Show Dates announced :

DATE����������������� ��������� CITY���������������� VENUE���������������� CAPACITY

Thu 12 26 02����� ������ San Diego����������� 4th & B������������ 1,450�

�Fri 12 27 02����� Las Vegas����� House of Blues - Mandalay Bay��� 1,800� House of Blues : Las Vegas
Tickets on sale 11/13/02

Tue 12 31 02�� Los Angeles���House of Blues - Sunset Strip����� 1,000
Tickets now on sale� House of Blues : Sunset Strip

The new range of Tour Merchandise is still available on line & can be ordered in time for the December shows.

Steve Stevens

This is a real mint one dollar bill with the picture of Steve Stevens placed over George Washington's face.
"Steve Stevens " is written on the name plate.
This is legal and negotiable tender, this process has been permitted by the
Treasury Department since 1967.
Each bill comes in a clear plastic currency holder!


Reviews & Photos available on
Update on Australia tour dates :


Sidney :

Perth :


Adalaide :

Melbourne :


Steve signs Warren Lyon's three tribute tattoos. See Fans Page �������� �������������������� 8/9/02

New Interview added by SkinnyDevil of TinFoil Music������������ ���

Steve talks about the equipment he uses both in his studio & also on tour


Tour photos added. Thank you to Michelle (Buannan)��
Fans on tour
photos added. Thank you to Michelle (Buannan)


Kiss The Skull 2002 tour... is well under way.
I had the great pleasure of seeing the first four shows & Steve is in fantastic form. The shows include all our favourites & also two new songs, Man in a Killbox (first heard last year) & None but the Lonely, which is such a beautiful song, many fans were in tears as they were captured by the pure emotion of Steve's playing & Billy's moving lyrics.
Also included towards the end of the tour was a third new song called
Big World Now. Billy has kindly shared the lyrics to this with us. It is another very moving song & Steve's passion reached the hearts of everyone lucky enough to hear it.

I would like to say HI to Tim, Steve's guitar tech & thank him for all his help & information.���
You may enjoy seeing a copy of the Play List, which highlights the guitars Steve is using during the current tour.

You can read the of the shows so far, on under TOURS - Read reviews.

You can see some photos of the Alpine show. With thanks to

Paul Parks has also submitted some photos taken in San Diego last year at the 4th & B for us to share. Thank you Paul.

More photos will follow soon.

A new range of Official Tour Merchandise is now available online:

The new Official Tour merchandise.

The full range will be available at the shows (stocks permitting) & most items will be available to order direct on line.

The range includes sweatshirts, hats, Wife beater Tees, tattoos, stickers, posters, hats, panties, patches, tanks, regular tees & laminates.

This is a really cool range produced by MGR Entertainment.

Thank you to Anna Marshall�& Marijo English.


has just been opened. This will be available 24/7/02 but we shall be arranging a day & time as a regular meeting point as well.
If you have any suggestions for this, please let us
& we will try to fix a time to suit as many fans as possible.�


Steve to tour down under!!
Steve will be touring with Billy Idol in a Festival Tour of Australia, covering Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney. The tour will start on October 5th through to October 12th 2002.
We will post more details as soon as they come through.�

� 6/6/02

We have just finalised the details with Steve to set up a new Steve Stevens Web Site - stevestevens.net & we shall run this at the request of & with the support of Steve himself.
This is a great pleasure & privilege for us & we plan to have lots of interesting & exciting things to offer to all fans of Steve.
The domain is now active & we shall start working on this very soon.�


Steve to tour with Billy Idol.... �NEW DATES .�Updated..


New artwork added to Steve's Fan Art page. Thank you to Tarina Vox�


The Storytellers DVD will be released in Europe.
The anticipated date for the UK is July 29th 2002 & Martin Buchetmann informs us that it is due out in Germany on June 24th 2002�

Just to get you in the mood for the forth coming shows, check out these great photos by Arlene Baxter.


Any fans traveling to the Las Vegas show may be interested to know that there is to be a Fan Get-together before & after the show. The location for this is the House of Blues, which is situated in Mandalay Bay itself, close to the venue of the show.
Fans will be meeting up from around 5pm & again after the show. Please feel free to join in the fun. Everyone welcome !
If you have any venue suggestions for any of the other shows, please let us

Thanks to Tom & Donna for their research.�


Happy Birthday to Steve. To acknowledge this great occasion, we would like to share with you this collection of new photos. Thank you to Steve for passing them on.

You can leave your own personal Birthday Message for Steve here.

Steve's Messages.

5/5/02��� �

New tour update. Tickets now on sale.
For more info, checkout�� Pollstar -- The Concert Hotwire������������� ��������
We hear there will be probably be four acoustic songs & possibly one or two new songs������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

More live photos from Tour 2001added to Images page��

Article added to Music Reviews page (Features Link) by Alessandro Guido���� ������ 4/10/02

New live photos taken from rollingstone.com��������������������������������������� � 4/9/02

Steve to tour with Billy Idol....NEW DATES just in.....������������������������� 4/2/02

Steve to feature in publications on both side of the Atlantic.����������������� � 4//1/02

Fat City magazine is now available from most main US outlets. If you are unable to find a copy locally, you can write to Jay Hale at :�� Fat City Magazine []
PO Box 366, Allston, MA 021�� (617) 792.5543

Thank you to Donna Cnossen for the pictures.
�� ��

Extract by Robyn Hale of Fat City magazine...

"...Everybody's favorite Rebel Yeller is back! He still has the snarl, spiky blonde hair & leather pants,
but with guitar god Steve Stevens in tow, this latest jaunt across the United States for Billy Idol proved that good rock 'n' roll cant & wont die."

Also, the British publication, is running an 8 page article, featuring�interviews with both Billy & Steve, in which they discusses Billy's career from the Chelsea days to what they are doing now.
ALSO...includes a competition to win one of the limited edition Anthology box sets as a prize.

We can now confirm that this will be available in shops in the UK on April 25th. (Smiths, main Virgin stores & most specialist newsagents) retailing at �3.30

Overseas fans can purchase a copy of the magazine direct by mail order for $11 US, European fans for $8 US or �5.50, including shipping. Please contact:
Record Collector,
45 St. Mary's Rd.,
South Ealing,
W5 5RQ

email :

Payment can also be made by credit card.

Thank you to Christina Carr & Jo Pratt for this information.

The Anthology 3 CD box set is due for release in the UK during April 2002. It will span Billy's career from the early Generation X days, up to his most recent releases & will of course include Steve's work with Billy.
The track listing has not yet been confirmed, or the exact date, but we will post it as soon as it is.

Steve to tour with Billy Idol again, July through August 2002. To wet your appetite, here are some photos from last summer's tour. Thank you to Kayleen Braden.

Also to Debbie Waters & Susanne Keith for
moremore great live shots.


Part 2 of the� The Steve Stevens questionnaire .....The Personal questions added.

Fans page opened. If you have any photos or stories you would like to see included, please email them

Interview with Steve added to Interview page :

Steve talks to Piper Henriques from ClassicalGuitarShop.com about
Flamenco A GoGo.

Great new photos of Steve as a teenager added to IMAGES page.
Thanks to Steve for sharing these with us.

Storytellers CD, VHS & DVD now available to pre-order.
See Billy Idol
for details.

New photos added to Images Gallery.
Taken at
Thanks to Tom & Donna Cnossen.

From Flash to Flamenco, An Interview with Guitarist...�

Composition by Kara Uhrlen
Contributions from Brandon Davis and Greg Uhrlen

Steve talks to Kara Uhrlen of Pure Rock Shop

JEB WRIGHT of Classic Rock Revisited www.classicrockrevisited.com recently did an interview with Steve, just prior to the Storytellers show & he very kindly agreed to delay posting it until our new pages were ready. Thank you to Jeb for this. You can hear what Steve had to say by checking out the Features section under Interviews.


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