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Steve is featured  in the January 2006 issue of

(Includes a free DVD Video Lesson). Available now!


Steve's tour with Billy Idol continues through Europe & the UK.
Reviews & photos of the shows can be viewed on the Billy Idol Discussion Board


photo by Tom Cnossen


Steve adds six new companies to his Endorsement Page


Your chance to win a signed Steve Stevens Ray Gun!
 Steve is preparing to set off on the European leg of his tour with Billy Idol.
Fans from all over the world will be attending the shows,
plus also attending the UK IDOL PARTY 2005.
Steve has very generously donated a replica ray gun to the
Party Raffle Grand Draw, which is signed by himself, Billy Idol
& the other members of the band.
Tickets to this draw (including many other prizes) can be purchased Online.

Purchase tickets


Steve is enjoying a short break from touring before heading off on the next leg,
to Texas, Florida, Europe & the UK.
In the meantime Dion DeTora invites you to share his
photos from
the recent Catalyst, Santa Cruz show.


Steve renews his Godin guitars endorsement.


Steve is scheduled to guest on
This show invites the listeners to hear the songs they know and love
from different perspectives, while occasionally introducing the audience
to some guitar gems they may have missed.
You can tune in to Steve on October 7th 2005
with thanks to Lynn Knapp for the information.


Billy Idol/Steve Stevens Autographed Photo Contest

You can read a very interesting interview with Steve in the Interviews section of

There is also some great material from the Billy Idol show at the House of Blues
 in Atlantic City, NJ, with photos by Eric Myshrall in the
Galleries section.
Plus a show review in the
Show Reviews section.


STEVE STEVENS - Billy Idol's awesome guitar player
makes Wednesday's concert a 'must see'...

photo by Jordan Letkemann


The next leg of Steve's tour with Billy Idol kicked off in Canada
to raving reviews by media & fans alike.
You can read these reviews on

under Media/Press reports & reviews on the Discussion Board.

David M. McLean of Skinny Devil Music Lab
would like to update you on Steve's presence at Tinfoil Music.

Current figures have Steve's "Guitar Gods" interview at:

#1 Highest Rated story (overall)
#1 Most rated story (overall)
#2 Most read story (interview)
#4 Most read story (overall)

In the "Best Guitarist Ever" poll (which is the #1 most voted poll at Tinfoil),
 Steve comes in at #5.
These are the results:

1) Jimi Hendrix
2) Eddie Van Halen
3) Andre Segovia
4) Chet Atkins
5) Steve Stevens
6) Randy Rhoads
7) Steve Lukather & John Petrucci (tie)
9) Steve Vai
10) Nuno Bettencourt/Yngwie Malmsteen (tie)

This poll is never closed.
Steve is so far ahead of the #6 spot (3 to 1) that it isn't likely the top 5 positions
will change any time soon - if ever.
Steve is only 5 votes behind Chet Atkins, so he could overtake the #4 spot this year.

 "Devil's Playground"
review is also:

#4 - Highest rated (overall)
#4 - Most voted )overall)

photo by Leo Nieuwenhuize


 Thanks to Pam & also to Gus for assisting with pictures.

Tracey and Steve sailing off into the sunset


presents an exclusive interview with Steve

photo from Classic Rock


VJ Diane Diamond recently interviewed Steve in New York,
for a Music Television show called Rockstarpix.TV
You can view the 15 minute interview on Windows Media Player,
 plus the latest 'Scream' video Steve did with Billy Idol.
The interview was Produced and Directed by Michael Giambra / Rockstarpix.TV
& conducted by Diane Diamond / Rockstarpix.TV

Steve Stevens interview on Rockstarpix.TV


New Canadian dates added to Steve's tour.
Voodoo Music Experience Festival
on October 28-29, New Orleans
Go to home page
Devil's Playground for details.


After a two week break, Steve's tour with Billy Idol recommences on July 1st,
back in the USA, hitting some dates with the

 also the  Voodoo Music Experience Festival October 29 - 30


 During the previous leg, Steve appeared with Billy on the
 ABC show.
It is scheduled to repeat on KABC Jul 05 12:06am

Henning, Sonja and Eike


Photos of the recent shows can be viewed in
The Cnossen Gallery

Photo by Tom & Donna Cnossen


Steve's tour with Billy Idol hits Europe & the reviews have been pouring in.
You can see these & the photos on

photo by Tom Cnossen


Stacey Daniels shares her photos from the West Palm show.


It is with much regret that the show in Asbury Park, May 27 05
had to be cancelled, due to Billy Idol's ill health.
You can see the full Press Release on


Steve would like to pass on that he has now had the cast removed from his arm. Although it is still painful, he says it is feeling much easier now.
He would like to thank you all for your good wishes.


photo by Robert E. Klein

Robert E. Klein shares his photos from the Boston show


Eric Myshrall shares his photos taken during
the West Palm Beach FL show.


Hey Everybody,

I wanted to take a moment to answer everyone's questions about my recent wrist injury and thank everyone for their support and well-wishes...
As much as I'd like to embellish the story, the truth is I slipped and fell when I arrived at the hotel in New Orleans at 5 am. I went straight to the hospital and the X-rays confirmed that I had fractured my wrist in 2 places.
Talk about a guitar players worst nightmare!
Fortunately, the orthopaedic doctor I saw was wonderful and after discussing the possibility of doing irreparable harm to my wrist, we decided the safest option
was to fit me with a cast.
 I decided not to cancel any shows, but agreed to take it easy on the windmills...
And as long as you guys are willing to tolerate a few bum notes now and then,
I'm willing to give it my all every night. Thanks again for your support.



photo by Tom & Donna Cnossen

Steve fractures his wrist.
Steve fell whilst in New Orleans, breaking his right wrist.
Although fitted with a cast, he is still continuing to play & no cancellations are planned.

Photo by Tom & Donna Cnossen


Steve's Devil's Playground tour with Billy Idol is well under way
(you can see the reviews so far on )
There have been some enquiries as to who the monkey was on
Steve's speaker at the GMA show. His name is
He joined the tour in Vegas and although a bit of a wildman, he is a solid team playa. Here is Zeke at work. And yes....Zeke at play.

Thanks to Steve for the photos


Steve works with Queen V on her new CD,
due for release this week. He wrote two of the tracks.
Details on the
Discography link.
 You can hear a sample on the


More new photos from The Roxy show
added to the Tom & Donna Cnossen


Any fans who can't make it to see Steve at the LA Roxy show, you can
Listen Live to Indie 103.1 & hear the entire performance.
Friday Mar 25th at 9pm

Thanks to Claire Moore  for the info


Steve appears with Billy Idol on 

It will air on March 24th 11.30PM (EST).


New interview with David McLean from Skinny Devil,
 added to Interviews page.
Plus an indepth review of Devil's Playground on Tinfoil.net.

photo by Chris Van Horrick


Great reviews are coming in from the tour already.
You can check out many of them on

Steve says they have been playing five new songs,
Bodysnatchers, World Coming Down,
Scream, Cherie
& Rat Race
& all have received a great response.

Steve spoke with Paul Cashmere from

You can watch the video of the interview in three parts

Part 1 Teaming up with Billy Idol again, solo records, flamenco guitar playing.
Part 2 Recording new album, Jeff Beck.
Part 3 Thoughts on single 'Scream', favourites of back catalogue,
favourite Australian bands.

Photo by Haylee Cashmere


A chance to meet Steve at a
March 25 at 6 p.m.
MEET STEVE with Billy Idol & THE BAND !
Go to
Devil's Playground Tour Dates
(& scroll to bottom) for full details.

3/19 3/19/05/05

Steve to tour with Billy Idol on the new Devil's Playground tour.
Dates are still coming through & we will post them as they are confirmed.
Last updated   3/07/05

David M. McLean of Skinny Devil Music Lab
as written a review of Scream which you may enjoy reading.
You can also view an earlier
"Guitar Gods" interview
with Steve, which is still holding the #2 position of most read interviews at Tinfoil & which has also risen in the overall category to the #5 all-time most read story ever at Tinfoil.


Three new tracks from Devil's Playground added to Sessions @ AOL
Body Snatcher, Super Overdrive & World Comin' Down
AOL Music


Devil's Playground has a March 21 release date in Australia.
Pre-orders are available from

Sanity.com.au - More Movies - More Music

Thanks to Sanjiv Sathiah for the info.


Scream is available to European fans on www.wom.de 
It includes tracks & audio clips of


Scream (Radio Edit) 03:54


Scream (Album Version) 04:43


Bleeding My Insane 04:35


Scream (Call Out Hook) 00:12

Thanks to Martin Buchetmann for this information.


Scream & the bonus track 'Bleeding Me Insane'
 is now available at ITunes Germany & Austria.
Thanks to Lars Eickst�dt for the info.


New message from Steve on the Welcome Page

photo takn by Guastella from

You can also see some other images of Steve on wireimage from when he performed with Billy Idol at the William Morris Agency Post Grammy Party.

Also on 


 Steve to tour with Billy Idol on the new Devil's Playground tour.
Dates are just starting to come through, we will post more as they are confirmed

Tom & Donna Cnossen would like to share a
new photo
from the Kiss the Skull 2003 Tour


Steve appeared on the Camp Freddy show
 on Friday January 27th
as part of the Tsunami Relief Show

Photo from

with thanks to Claire Moore



Devil's Playground             &           Scream
are available for pre-order on


You can view some photos of Steve's 2003 tour with Billy,
with thanks to Tom & Donna Cnossen


The new single, Scream from the Devil's Playground album,  
is available for download
on iTunes
(currently available in the US shop only)


Images from the "Scream" Video Shoot .
can be viewed on


Devil's Playground  release date March 22nd 05



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