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Steve invites you to view a clip recorded from the Juno Reactor show in Tokyo.



Steve played the Camp Freddy "Wreck the Halls" show Dec 7th 2006
�The show was a charity event to benefit MAP (Musicians Assistance Program)
which helps musicians who are in recovery programs.

Steve signing memorabilia to be auctioned off for the charity.

Steve on stage with his new flame Les Paul.
Photos & info with thanks to Josie Pearl.


I will be guesting with the all star Camp Freddy Band for a special show on December 7th in Hollywood. I have included the details below.
Great musicians playing for a great cause.
In other newz it looks like there may be some U.S dates early 2007 with Juno Reactor. Ben Watkins is currently editing the live DVD from Japan and has sent me the most fantastic e-mails about the footage. Playing with Juno is an experience that i cannot describe in musical terms. I truly had an emotional/spiritual high that has stayed with me to this day.
Ahhh THIS is why i am a musician.
I will be at the NAMM
(http://www.thenammshow.com/) show Anaheim in January signing for Tone Pros & Lectrosonics. I will post the days/times as soon as they are finalized. Till then......

Peace, Love & in the words of Beazle T. Monk, "keep your pimp hand strong"!

- Hollywood 12/1/06


Steve will appear in the new Juno Reactor DVD

Reactor Leak - Home Of Juno Reactor

Juno Reactor will be releasing a live DVD, filmed in Tokyo on October 7th 2006
Adding to the existing line up of 3 members of Amampondo, Mabi Thobajane, Taz Alexander, Greg Ellis and Ben Watkins, Juno Reactor were joined by Steve Stevens, Ghetto Priest, and early member of Juno, Paul Jackson.
We will post release & purchase details as soon as they come in.

with thanks to AtomicKitty for the information.


STROEJA shares some photos from the EXIT festival.


Buy now
Listen now

with thanks to alemano727

Tomorrow Never Knows, Steve's contribution (with Billy Idol)
to the new Beatles Tribute album -
'Butchering the Beatles'� receives rave


A rare glimpse of Steve playing live with Juno Reactor in Tokyo.
With thanks to AtomicKitty for the info.


Steve arrives in Japan for the start of his tour with Juno Reactor.
You can view a brief
clip of him during rehearsals (thanks to amourrio for the info)
& share a
review of the show by Japanese fan Kanako Tachizaki


Steve's tour with Billy Idol came to an end in August.

photo by Tom Cnossen

Steve sends us his personal update of his future exciting plans & projects.

Greetings from Hollywood 9/21/06

Well it has certainly been nice to be home and in one place for awhile. It was absolutely amazing to play for the fans in Eastern Europe and do our swing through the states last month. There are some shows that i will cherish for the rest of my life (Serbia Exit Fest springs to mind). Looking forward to seeing some of that sweaty footage from the Chicago DVD taping too. Well, no rest for the wicked around here. I leave for Japan in 2 weeks to play 2 shows with Juno Reactor. It's going to be fantastic to hook up with Ben Watkins again as we did Pistolero together. He's just this mad genius of groove and sonic mayhem. Joining Ben is my good friend drummer Greg Ellis who played on Flamenco A GoGo. Some of you will know him from the Billy Idol Story Tellers DVD. The Juno dates are 7th October 2006, Shinagawa Stella Ball, Tokyo, Japan & 8th October 2006, Studio Partita, Osaka, Japan. Josie will be traveling with me. She has wanted to go there since we first met and i have a feeling i will be purchasing some extra luggage for all the loot she is going to bring back. Of course Beazley gets to go too. Have you guys checked out his myspace? http://www.myspace.com/pimpinbeazley.
I recently contributed a track to a cd for Acoustic Guitar magazine
After i return from Japan i will be starting a new Steve Stevens record. Some things are just in the planning stages but i can tell you this. It will be adventurous and not purely acoustic. After touring for the last year, if there is one thing i realized, people are starving for serious kick ass geetar playing! I am going to make it my duty to put on this record some of the best guitar work of my life. It will NOT be purely instrumental but it will be conceptual in nature. That's really all i can say at the moment. I am jazzed....big time.
Recently Josie & I did photos with our buddy Red Ezra (David Lockard).
Gotta love rock & roll....what a way to make a living, ha ha.

All my best and thanks for listening,

The Photo Shoot with Red Ezra (David Lockard).

Dragan Burnac shares her photos from the EXIT Festival
(as referenced in Steve's message)

photo by Gabriel Radatovic

You can view more photos from Steve's recent tours on the Cnossen Gallery


photo by Catrin Svenfors

Steve's tour with Billy Idol kicked off in Tuuri, Helsinki on July 1st.
First reports describe it as 'unbelievably good'.
You can check�out more reviews & photos from the tour on

photo by


More dates have been added to Steve's tour with
Plus we can confirm that the show on
Fri 07 28 06 at the C
ongress Theatre Chicago, IL
will be recorded for a Live DVD release.
Tickets go On Sale: 06/24/06
We will post more details as they come in.


Musicians Hotline
is running a series of Artist Profiles.
You can check out Part One of Steve's On Line :

Artist Profile�� - Steve Stevens, Part One

photo from the Music Hotline Web Site.

Plus you can also order a free issue of the magazine from the
Musician Hotline Web Site.
Thanks to Trace Tracer for the info.


Part 2 of the 3 Part Lessons with Steve is now available in the
Guitar Techniques Magazine� Spring 2006
�Steve demonstrates his approach to Blues style playing in Text & also on a DVD.
The magazine is available through Barnes and Nobles booksellers.

photo from
the Guitar Techniques Magazine DVD


V.A. Fuji Television Soccer Legends 2006

Steve recently wrote some music for the World Cup Broadcast in Japan,
The CD can be ordered on line at :

CDJapan - Japanese anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie -


Steve launches his pick up line in the new Musicians magazine.

Musicians Hotline

Next is a custom Super Purple Chrome Ray/Wah.


photo by Phil Santos

Steve & Josie were guests on � radio recently.
You can hear the interview live on

You can also download the two acoustic tracks that Steve
& Billy Morrison played on the show.

Kiss Me Deadly. With Steve Stevens. From Camp Freddy Radio.
Dead Flowers. With Steve Stevens. From Camp Freddy Radio.

photo from the archives of


Steve, Billy Idol & Brian Tichy have recorded a version of
Tomorrow Never Knows
for a Beatles Tribute record.
Steve says that Billy & Brian sound super cool and that he got to
play some truly demented guitar stuff.
Other artists on the record include Alice Cooper, Lemmy,
Steve Vai, John 5, and Billy Gibbons.
We will post more details as they come in.

photo by Tom Cnossen


photo by Tom Cnossen

We would like to share some photos, as we wish Steve a very
Happy Birthday !
Chill Out ! Wish your friend/ loved one 'a rock of a time'.


Steve returns to Europe for some more shows with Billy Idol :


Tabs of some of Steve's songs with Billy Idol are available in
The Very Best of Billy Idol Guitar Tab Book,
published by Hal Leonard, now available at :

Songs include :

Catch My Fall
Cradle Of Love
Dancing With Myself
Don't Need A Gun
Eyes Without A Face
Flesh For Fantasy
Hot In The City
L.A. Woman
Mony, Mony
Ready Steady Go
Rebel Yell
Shock To The System
White Wedding


The February issue of Guitar Techniques contains Part 1 of a 3 Part Lesson with Steve. It includes techniques used by Steve as Text & also CD.
The magazine is available through Barnes and Nobles booksellers.


Steve shares with us a simple guitar lesson video from the January edition of�
Guitar World magazine.
In it Steve describes how some of the classic songs were born & demonstrates how they are played.
Included are White Wedding, Eyes without a Face,
Rebel Yell, Dancing with Myself & the more recent Rat Race.
�You can order the magazine with the free CD online at



Steve's personal update:

Greetings Earthlings,

Well 2005 was certainly an amazing year for all of us in Idol World.
I would like to thank all the friends and fans along the way that made some of our concerts an almost religious experience. It was amazing for me personally to play in Europe again. Believe it or not, the last i toured there was 1982. Far far too long. I thank all the Guitar Magazines that did features on me. Having been influenced by so many great European guitarists, it takes on a special meaning to be in some of the mags. There were many instrument companies that were super supportive this past year. Lets see here....Lectrosonics Wireless, Tonepros, Godin Guitars, Dunlop & Ernie Ball. Dave Friedman Effects Racks, and especially BareKnucle Pickups. I have been working for almost 4 months with Tim Mills of BarKnuckles on a Steve Stevens signature pickup. Well, after road testing many different incarnations, the Rebel Yell pickup will soon be launched. You can see it here :

You can trust that i would never put my name to a pickup unless it was truly a thing of beauty. These are the finest guitar pickups i have ever had the pleasure of using. Tim makes each and every one by hand with loving care. I am also having a guitar built be the German Company Forge http://www.forgeguitars.de/.
These are some of the sexiest geetars i have ever seen.
As for current projects, so much for rest and relaxation. I was asked by Fuji TV in Japan to compose 2 pieces of music for their World Cup broadcasts. They had been using Flamenco A GoGo for some stuff and wanted something exclusive.
I jump at the chance to play Spanish guitar, and this is a fun project.
There is an interview with me in the new March issue of Guitar Player Magazine. This one really deals with my wrist injury. I am not sure if it is known that had Josie Baby not flown out and took care of me on the road when this happened, there is NO way i could have stayed out to play shows. What a nurse!
Well, once again thanks for some great memories.

Hollywood, Ca.


You can view some of the new songs Steve did with Billy Idol for the new
Devil's Playground CD, plus an exclusive interview on
AOL's Music Archive Page

AOL.co.uk Home

Body Snatchers (in studio)
Cherie (in studio)
Plastic Jesus
Rebel Yell (in studio)
Scream (in studio)
Super Overdrive (in studio)
White Wedding (in studio)
World Coming Down
Yellin' at the Christmas Tree
Exclusive Interview
On the Spot Questions


Steve is currently writing some music for the World Cup Broadcast in Japan;
as soon as it is finished, we will post it as an audio file for you to enjoy.

photo by Tom Cnossen


You can view photos from Steve's recent tour on the Cnossen Gallery

photo by Tom Cnossen

Patty Lamb shares her photos from the recent Vancouver show


Steve's Devil's Playground tour with Billy Idol came to a grand conclusion
at the end of last year. Reviews by fans & the media have been raving.
You can view these on the
Discussion Board on .
After a short break Steve will be continuing to work with Billy on material
for another album. We will post any news as it comes in.

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