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Welcome to The Purple Room, Steve's Home Studio,
where Steve & Billy work their magic.
Many thanks to Steve for allowing us all to look around.

We hope you enjoy this sample collection of some of the photos
from the summer tour, with thanks to Tom & Donna Cnossen

Happy Holidays !!

Message from Steve�������12/19/03

AtomicKitty would like to pass on that Michael Jackson
�has released a new DVD collection called
"Number Ones". It includes the
"Dirty Diana" video featuring Steve.�����

We shall soon be bringing you photos from the recent tour.
We� have been working on finding the best way to share them with you.
This is now underway & you will be able to experience most of the
Tour 2003 shows in a whole new concept.
So please keep checking & thank you all for your patience.

Here is a sample in the meantime.����������� 11/11/03

Steve shows off his Godin guitar,
at the Fleet Boston Pavilion.
Thanks to Ed Kraus for the photo.��������������

The 2003 tour with Billy Idol came to an end amid raving reviews.
New photo galleries will be opening soon.
Until then, here are a few
photos taken during the Boston show.�
You can see more on the Oct News Page on ����������� 10/22/03

Steve's reaction to the sad news of Robert Palmer's death
can be read on the
Opening Page������
������������������ 9/26/03

We would like to welcome all new visitors to the Site
& thank those whom have been with us since we opened.
For your information, since we opened on the new domain,
the Site has received
almost : 62,000,000
successful requests (in 266 days) �
��������� Thank you to every one for your support .����� �����

Please see ON TOUR for the remainder of the tour dates 9/22/03������

New art added to the Fans Art Page��������� 9/22/03

The band have joined the current tour
& will open for seven of the remaining shows.

You can see photos of the band on stage with Billy Idol
������������������������������� 9/16/03

House of Blues 2003 photos added to picture gallery�
House of Blues 2003
photos ~ Steve with Billy Idol�
Toronto 2003
���������������������������������������� 9/16/03

Reviews have been pouring in from the current tour.
�These can be read on the Review Pages on

Three new songs are being aired during the shows & the fans are loving them.
Stranger in my Skin, Walk the Line & Beautiful Life.
CDLIVE are supplying live discs from ten of the shows
& these are becoming rare collectors items.����������

Steve uses the new raygun, plus two new guitars & some new equipment.
Jon Lee, Steve's tech for this tour kindly supplied information on these.

Photos added from the Verona NY show
Photos of some stage equipment���
New photos also added to

�Photo by Scott Vincent
Taken at the Timberwolf show�����

With thanks to Steve & David Honl, we proudly present
The Steve Stevens Guitar Collection

Now available to view on the Guitar Link,
Plus you can enjoy the new & exclusive instrumental track
that Steve has composed� to accompany it.�
��� 7/29/03���� ����������

Steve joins Camp Freddy in Las Vegas
Rain interrupts play.

By Chris Gardner
Lightning strikes: Who said it never rains in the Nevada desert?
Try telling that to Billy Morrison, Matt Sorum,
Steve Stevens, Donovan Leitch and Scott Ford, better known as the band Camp Freddy.
The rockers took to the stage Friday night in Las Vegas, recruiting special guest Macy Gray to jam with them on the pool stage at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
�But they barely got their guitars warmed up before the rain came down, bringing with it bolts of lightning that caused the sound engineer to axe the show and coax the concertgoers indoors before Gray even got a chance to hit the stage.

Taken from http://billymorrison.net
Thanks to everyone that came to Vegas to see the band. So in one of those freakish events that seem to follow CF around, a lightning storm hit Vegas right in the middle of the bands set and the Hotel (not the band) decided to pull the power to protect the band and all the gear. Probably a wise decision in hindsight, but the band were definitely ready to play on, alas it was not to be. Thanks to all the guests that came to play, we'll do it again soon. Hopefully without the lightning next time.������

Thanks to PostOrgasmicGirl for this playlist information

Ballroom Blitz
Roadhouse Blues
Whole Lotta Love
Jean Genie
God Save The Queen*
Janie Jones
New Rose
20th Century Boy
Love Removal Machine
Brass In Pocket
I Wanna Be Your Dog

Guests: Macy Gray, Steve Jones, Steve Stevens, Josh Todd

* The Hard Rock pulled the power at this point due to a lightning storm and the fact that the band were playing outside.�������������������������������

Coming Soon....!!

Steve has been working with photographer Dave Honl
on a slide show display of his guitar collection.
Steve has kindly shared this teaser montage with us
until the final collection is finished.

Steve has also composed a brand spanking new
������ instrumental track to accompany it.����
7/12/03���� ����������

Rare track, Sealed with a Kiss Screen shots
kindly submitted by Ever-Idol, taken from
pnavy.com������� �7/14/03

Steve to tour with Billy Idol.
Steve will be touring with Billy Idol across north America & Canada
Full itinerary on�
Tour News page

Official Tour merchandise

The full range will be available at the shows (stocks permitting)
& all items are available to order on line prior to the tour.
(Go to Official Tour merchandise on the
Tours link)����

New Media page now open.
Your chance to read reviews & interviews from back copy magazines.

Guitar for the Practicing Musician January 1990�� ���������� � 7/7/03
Guitar Player
������������ December 1989
��� Faces & Circus magazines ������������������������������������������������

Lynn Caprice shares more of her favourite early photos ��� 6/30/03

����������������������������������� Lynn Caprice's Gallery 2���������������������������������������������
Lynn Caprice's Gallery 3�
Lynn Caprice's Gallery 4

More early photos kindly submitted by Lynn Caprice���� 6/30/03

Lynn Caprice kindly shares her collection of early magazine photos of Steve
Taken from Guitar World May 1986 & Oct 1989����������� 6/26/03

New Media page opening soon.
Your chance to read reviews & interviews from back copy magazines.
�� Guitar Player November 1984
�� Guitar Player December 1989
Guitar World
�May 1986
Guitar World
October 1989
Musician & Recording World November 1985
Guitar for the Practicing Musician January 1990

Mega rare MP3 audio file ~
Steve responds to fan's requests.

Steve has responded to requests to hear a recording that he did for
�the Guitar World magazine in 1986.
It has become virtually impossible to find a copy of this now, so
Steve has very kindly made it available as an MP3 file for fans to enjoy.
It is approx.11mbs & 9 minutes long.�������������������������
We would like to extend a very big thank you to Steve
on behalf of everyone for his generosity.
��������������� 9/5/03


You can listen to it here

Happy Birthday Steve !

Photo with thanks to Patricia Martin

On behalf of all the Web Site visitors, we wish you
�a very happy day & a wonderful year.�

You can leave your messages for Steve
Here or in the Guest Book,
or on the www.billyidol.com
(on the Communication link)���

Diane Gallemore invites you to view her gallery
of photos taken during last years tour.��������

Marie aka� �I�֣�_��g�l�� invites you to share her
AIM Expression Themes with Steve Stevens���


The main picture was supplied by Steve Stevens
�& was taken from the 'Live in Japan'
Marie would like to thank Tamara for the ideas.� ��� 4/29/03

There is to be a VH1 Behind the Music of Top Gun
shown in the UK, on Sunday 27th April 2003 at 8.30pm.
�As most of you will know, Steve performed the Top Gun anthem
and won a Grammy for it.
There is no indication at this point, whether Steve will be featured in the program,
but it is possible & it may be worth taking a look.
Thanks to Warren Lyon for the information.��������

Steve responds personally to requests for
information about his equipment.
������� 4/16/03

New Biography page added���� �4/14/03

Steve is still working hard with Billy Idol on material for the new CD & already they have a great collection of songs ready, although there is no release date yet.

�He has also recently played on 2 songs for the new Pink album, one of which he describes as flamenco & the other as quite punky. No release date yet.

As well, he has done some work for the Matrix reloaded with
Ben Watkins
of Juno Reactor. (Due for release around August 2003)

He has also finished some work on the new Himuro album,
which is also due for release around August 2003������������������������������

A group of fans are getting together in the UK for an Idol/Stevens party
on April 11th 2003. The theme is to be 'Flesh for Fantasy.'
We would like to thank Diane Bruder for supplying the edible cake topping.���������������������������������������������������������

Where to buy Steve's music.
page updated with this information ������� 3/27/03

Find out what other artists think of Steve.
New link added to the Steve Stevens page�
'Quotes' ������� 3/27/03

�New photos from the Buffalo Chip show in Sturgis.
Thanks to Lyndie for the info.����

Molly Summer shares her photos from House Of Blues Anahiem 2001� 2/22/03

Las Vegas 2002 show
photosphotos2 photos3
with thanks to Tom & Donna Cnossen������

���� 2/5/03

Steve shows us more samples of his new guitar picks.
Plus updates his personal endorsement list.������ 2/2/03

New photos added with thanks to Jeremy Jansen of stitch photography� 1/31/03

Steve's personal message to his fans����������� 1/30/03

Exclusive photos of Steve's new guitar picks.
Used for the first time during the December 2002 shows.�� 1/29/03

San Diego 2002 photos added with thanks to Tom & Donna Cnossen�� 1/29/03

New Years Eve photos posted with thanks to Anoulay Tsai����� 1/28/03

David M. McLean of Skinny Devil Music Lab would like to invite you to visit the on-line guitar guide to Rebel Yell he has added to his Site. It contains notation, articulated tab� and MIDI sound files of the examples presented in the text.
Steve has approved this link.������������������������������������������������ �1/28/03

Great new photos added to Photo Page by Harold Jankowiak

New Years Eve show photos added to Photos page���� 1/21/03

Behind the Scenes photos added����� �1/21/03

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all !!

The December shows made sure the old year went out in true rocking style. Reviews can be found on the TOURS link (Xmas 2002 shows) on
Steve, Billy & the band were all in excellent form & we had the extra treat of another new song ~ Lost in LA. (Very appropriate for some us getting home on New Years Eve) As well as Man in a Killbox.
It was also the first appearance of Steve's new raygun.
We shall of course all miss the trusted green companion, which has been with Steve for many years, but look forward to experiencing much more of the new one. It is clear in colour, with coloured lights.
�We shall be posting a photo as soon as we have one.
The original gun apparently met with its demise after failing to perform once too many times & Steve demonstrated to it how not to mess with a rockstar... not least one from New York.
To compliment the new raygun, Steve has designed some new guitar picks, again we will post photos as soon as we have them. Steve is very impressed with the new shape & material of the picks, as he says he is able to find a certain midway pitch that he wasnt able to before. (How much better can it get?)

We shall be adding new Show photos, After Party photos & also some of Steve's guitars & equipment very soon.
Thanks to David Honl, Tom & Donna Cnossen & Josie.����

photo by Davis Honl

The New Look Site is now almost complete & we will be launching it very soon. � 1/17/03

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