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The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Guitar Heroes

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Guitar Heroes (The Illustrated Encyclopedia of... Series)

Steve appears on page 266,
includes an excellent picture plus write up.�
Thanks to Alex Salter for the info


Steve is acknowledged in the new publication

book cover

Photos included from Las Vegas 2005

Thank you to Kitty & Guy for the information


Steve' tour with Billy Idol concluded in September.
Reports & reviews were raving & you can view
some of these, plus photos at

on the Discussion Board, or on www.myspace.com/stevestevensmemorycrash


Steve On Tour with Billy Idol

Steve's tour with Billy Idol kicks off in
San Diego CA on June 22nd 08 & continues across America, Canada, Europe & the UK.

2008 Tour Dates

A reminder of some photos from previous shows:

The Cnossen Gallery

New Photo Galleries of the current shows, plus recent & past shows with Billy Idol
are now open on
Go to Pictures on the white Menu Bar.

photo by Susan Thorsen


Three new dates added to Tour:

House of Blues, Sunset Strip Hollywood CA
Sept, 16th, 17th & 19th


Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief� for
�GUITAR PLAYER magazine, U.S. spoke with Steve at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco on June 27th.
He says that Steve was gracious enough to show him the entire rig he is using for the Billy Idol tour.
You can share this very interesting information at :



This new CD release enables us to hear many of our old favourites again, as it includes classic tracks,
plus two brand new songs:
John Wayne & New Future Weapon.
The Deluxe Edition also debuts 13 Music Videos on DVD


������������������������������ featuring Steve Stevens

Release Date: JUNE 24th 2008 BY CAPITOL/EMI

An opportunity to watch Steve with Billy Idol
playing the new track 'John Wayne'
from the new CD

Recorded from the Jimmy Kimmel show, �June 24th 08



Steve On Tour with Billy Idol

Steve's tour with Billy Idol kicks off in
San Diego CA on June 22nd 08 & continues across
the USA, Canada, Europe & the UK.

2008 Tour Dates

Here's a way to make a very real difference
in someone's life.

No, it's not to do with global warming, Green-Peace, PETA or the ACLU It's just about this guy Bob Sweet...
He makes great guitar pedals in his home and now he's got cancer and no health insurance.
If you've heard me play in the last 6 years, you have heard Bob's work.� He a really good guy and it sucks.
�You can read about his situation here:


If you are inclined to do so, there is information at
the end of the article regarding making a donation
�via Bob's pay-pal account.
I appreciate anyone taking the time out
to read and consider it.



Steve speaks to Pete Prown of

VGM Top logo jun 2008

with more information on Memory Crash.


A reminder that as well as the usual store outlets,
Memory Crash is also available for download through Amazon.com, MagnaCarta.net & iTunes.


Steve has two more audio interviews posted
on his MySpace Web Site


Also Classic Metal Show at



On Steve's newly revamped Myspace Site, there is an opportunity to listen to Steve's interview with Ken Volpe:

Also to read
GuitarJamDaily.com: Review and Interview

There is also a review from



Steve spoke recently with Jeb Wright of

Classic Rock Revisited

In the interview Steve discusses Memory Crash, plus his work with Billy Idol on his upcoming album and tour.
He also delves back into his earlier years.


The March 2008 edition of

Guitar Techniques

includes a feature with Steve talking about his work on
the Top Gun Anthem in 1986 with Harold Faltermeyer.
You can view this on Steve's Official
Myspace Site.


As the long awaited release day finally arrives, we can all now sit back & enjoy Steve's new album in its full glory.
We also have the opportunity to listen to a phone
Steve did recently with

Active Image


With just two weeks until the big release day, you are invited to share an interview Steve did with Brett Petrusek of

Premier Guitar

Steve talks about the new album & also of his gear.


Latest Update:

The release date for Memory Crash is now March 4th� on Magna Carta, distributed through Ryko Distribution
�in the USA. Also iTunes & Amazon downloads, etc .


A chance to listen to a previously unreleased track �Roadside America Medley�
�from the Bozzio Levin Stevens -
��Black Light Syndrome� sessions:
Magna Carta Guitar Greats Vol. 1

T. Bruce Wittet, Associate Editor for Muzic Etc Magazine & contributing writer for Modern Drummer magazine www.peoplewilltalkmedia.com comments :

"Here�s a treasure, an unreleased track from the
Black Light Syndrome sessions:
�Roadside America Medley�. Steve Stevens sets up a dreamy, slide-y vamp, broken only by an ostinato from Levin and light percussion from Bozzio.
After a few minutes the trio steps up the energy, with Stevens alternating between sharing Levin�s ostinato and going into solo flight; meanwhile Bozzio mixes it up, displacing the backbeat and stating strict time.
By the six-minute mark, Stevens has forgone the languid guitar texture of the intro and is full over-drive."


As the countdown to the release date of Steve's new CD,
Memory Crash
Magna Carta allow us a little teaser whilst we wait.

Release date: January 29th 2008 USA & Europe

Heavy Horizon,
Hellcats Take the Highway
Memory Crash
Water on Ares
Day of the Eagle
Small Arms Fire
Cherry Vanilla
Joshua Light Show
Prime Mover

�I spent a long time before making this record watching old archival footage and retrospectives on bands like Pink Floyd and Yes, just soaking up what made them tick. But this record is not a retro gimmick at all. It�s still very much a Steve Stevens record.�

�I think the time is right for me to make a record that is totally me � my world,�
Steve says of
Memory Crash.


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