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photo by Tom Cnossen


   News update from Steve :

Memory Crash will be released in January as recording has been very time consuming.
Being the crazed perfectionist that i am, of course i want to make sure this record is everything my imagination can put to audio.
The Idol fans i am sure will be pleased to know that Monday October 22nd we start recording drums with Brian Tichy. Brian will play all the tracks on the record and i just know he's going to help make my record sound "Big Time".
One week of drums and then we mix. 



  Here is a demo audio clip & some comments from Steve on his new Badger amp, taken from
SUHR website.


Hooray For Hollywood.

Well, I'm in the final stages of Memory Crash.
I do know that the commercial for the Brooks Institute has been airing on VH1 which is kinda cool.
They have also printed up posters with "you know who" on em so i would imagine if you e-mail them..
you could get one.
I have contributed a song for the Lions Gate film, Catacombs. The trailer is viewable here

movie_trailers.php? Pid=1070&Id=1156.

The song is titled Please Myself and i collaborated
 with Shawnee Smith star of the Saw films.
I have been told by Magna Carta, the label for my album that soon we can post some samples of

Memory Crash

All the best,


You are invited  to check out Steve's commercial for the
Brooks Institute

 The clip features a sneak preview of some of the music from Steve's new album,
Memory Crash  .

photo by Tom Cnossen

Excitement is mounting as Steve prepares the finishing touches to his new album, Memory Crash
He & Josie  recently completed some photo shoots which will be used for the cover & sleeve graphics.
As always they both look incredibly well & seriously cool!


Steve will be leaving for Japan at the end of July to headline the White stage at Fuji Rock Festival  with
Juno Reactor
  on Sunday 29th July.

Juno Reactor


Album Update:

Hello from Hollywood. So here is the latest info
on my solo record. Lots of great things going on.
Have about 8 songs recorded now. The album is titled Memory Crash and is set for release in October.
Some song titles are Water On Ares, Small Arms Fire, Cherry Vanilla, and Hellcats Take The Highway.
I spent a day in the studio with Dug Pinnick,
 singer/bass player for Kings
We recorded an amazing version of Robin Trower's
Day Of The Eagle. I think from the first time I heard
Kings X I thought man I'd love to do a Robin Trower
song with this guy, only took 15 years, ha ha. I shot the album cover over the weekend with Hristo Shindov
I was introduced to Hristo by Josie who had shot
with him for Karma magazine. He's an amazing young photographer from Bulgaria and I jumped at the
chance to work with him.
We have quite an amazing array of images planned for
the album. Everything from guitars on fire to a
dead-end flamenco scene with Josie as the dancer.
Shooting green screen allows Hristo to add all his
madness post almost applying a similar philosophy to images as I do to music.
Now here's another interesting aspect to the album
cover shoot. Hristo is a graduate of the Brooks Institute and our whole shoot will be featured in a nationwide
T.V. commercial. My music will also be used for this spot.
I wish everyone great health and thanks for continuing to visit the site.


Happy Birthday Steve!
from all your Web Site's visitors.


Steve's donation to a children's charity:

Dave Wish runs a charity called
Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock is the charity that will be benefiting from the auction of the Six-String Masterpieces Collection.
Dave Wish would like to express how honoured he is that
 Steve has supported the charity by contributing a beautiful guitar to the collection.
 The donation will help to bring free instruments and rockin� lessons to kids in underprivileged public schools across the county. For every $100 raised from this event, they will be able to provide one child with an instrument and free lessons.
 Dave Wish would like to pass on a very big 'Thank you!'
If you would like to help promote this charity & increase awareness of the auction,here is a link to the donated guitar:


This website has been created for the auction
Benefit Concert surrounding the event:


April 6. Hollywood, California.

Greetings Earthlings,

I thought it about time for an update.
Honestly i have always felt that "music speaks
louder then words" and as Billy would always say
"No deadlines, only headlines".
That said i will fill you in on where i am at with my
 solo record. The record will be released on Magna Carta,
the home to the 2 Bozzio Levin Stevens records.
I have huge respect for Mike Varney and Pete Morticelli
who run the label and felt very comfortable working with
these guys. I am 3 songs in now and can tell you that the
record sounds very very different from what i have done
previously. My intention was to make a record that was
inspired by the late 1960's and early 70's guitar rock
records that i worshipped as a kid.
When you consider that the gods of guitar all came out
of London in that short 5 year time frame...
man something in the water, huh?
Can we say...Hendrix, Beck, Page, Gilmour, Fripp,
and lets not forget one of my all time faves
Steve Howe of Yes.
Well hell if my stuff doesn't sound spiritually connected
to this era. I have recently acquired some amazing guitars
and amps from John Suhr and a shit load of amazing 
effect pedals. It seems the fed ex guy is here with new toys
everyday (although i think he just enjoys having Josie
answer the door, ha ha
The detail i am striving for in my guitar tones is ridiculous.
There has been some talk of some cool guests for the
record, but once everything is written then i can start
making those phone calls.
There is some serious inspiration at play and i am not
going to question the why/how, ...just ride it.
I already have a photographer in mind for the cover
but it's too soon to say for sure.
I have a July 1 delivery date so....
better get my ass back to work.

All the best,

I am going to address 2 subjects here briefly,
only due to some fan speculation.

1-I had no involvement with the airing of our
"live in Chicago" concert.
To my knowledge it will be released in full
and mixed properly in the future.
At that time i will of course be involved
in mixing my guitars properly.

2- I "DO NOT" have a personal myspace page and have
no plannins to do so.
Ever notice how when people who are in a supposedly
committed relationshiphave a myspace...
somehow trouble comes a knockin? Ha ha.
Josie &I are are more then happy to have
Beazle T. Monk representin' on Myspace.


photo by Maria

Steve has been writing with Billy Idol for a new CD
due for release later this year.
We will post more details as we hear.
We would like to wish everyone all the very best in 2007
& thank you to you all for your support.

photo by Maria

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